Aputure Light Storm 300D LED VIdeo Light

RM200 / Hari 1 Unit
RM400 / Hari 2 Unit

1 x LED Video Light
1 x Power Cord
1 x Lamp Cover
1 x Reflector
1 x Stand
1 x Bag
1 x V Mount Plate

Pilhan Tambahan
1 x Light Dome II RM50
2 x Battery V Mount RM100 (Dicas penuh tanpa pengecas)
4 x Battery V Mount + Charger RM200
1 x Fresnel Adapter RM50

-Boasts 48000lux@0.5m w/ the Reflector, 142000lux@0.5m w/ the Aputure Fresnel Mount, Comparable to A 2000W Tungsten Led
-5500K Color Temperature
-CRI95+ TLCI96+ Good Color Reproduction
-Bowens Front Mount, Quiet Fan
-Tough Aero-Aluminum Body
-Portable and Lightweight
-Wireless Remote with 328' Range
-Independent Lighting Controls
-Intelligent Temperature Control
-Dual Power Supply via Power Adapter or V-Mount Battery(Not Included)