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Rotary Hammer Drill 950W

RM20 / Hari

Sesuai untuk kegunaan menebuk lubang di dinding
Power : 950W
Right Rotations : 0-1300/min
Impact Rate : 0-5500/min
Impact Energy Per Stroke : 2.8J
Tool Holder : SDS-plus
Drilling Performance Stone : 26mm
Drilling Performance Granite : 16mm
Drilling Performance Wood : 30mm
Drilling Performance Steel : 13mm
Wire Length : 2meter
Weight : 2.8kg

Pakej termasuk
1 x Rotary Hammer Drill
1 x Hard Case
1 x Drill Bit 5.5mm L50/110mm
1 x Drill Bit 6.0mm L50/110mm
1 x Bull Point
1 x Cold Chisel

Nikon D3300

RM50 / Sehari

Pakej asas termasuk
1. Kamera
2. Strap
3. 1 x Batteri
4. 1 x Charger
5. Bag

RM80 / Hari
RM280 / Minggu

Pakej termasuk
1. Kamera
2. Strap
3. 1 x Batteri
4. 1 x Charger
5. Bag
6. Lens 18-55mm II
7. Memori 16GB

Aputure Light Dome II Bowen S Mount

RM50 / Hari

Hexadecagon with 16 Durable Rods
Silver Embossed Reflective Linings
Dual Diffusers
Carrying Bag
24" Depth
Widely Compatible Bowens Speed Ring

Bowen-S Mount Fresnel

RM50 / Hari

-Compatible with Bowen-S Mount Lights (Godox, Aputure ETC)
-Beam Angle Adjusts from 12-42°
-Use for Spot or Flood
-Intensity: 14000-67000 lux at 0.5M
-Use with Optional Accessories
-Fiberglass Shell for Strength
-Provides Effective Heat Dissipation

MasterPlug 13 Amps Open Reel 50M 4 Gang Extension

RM50 / Hari

-CABLE TYPE : H05VV-F 1.25mm
-SOCKETS : 4 Sockets
-AMP : 13
-WEIGHT : 6.01KG 

Atomos Ninja Flame 4K Recording Monitor

RM200 / Hari

-Bateri x 1
-Charger x 1
-Kabel Micro/Mini HDMI

-SSD 250GB 

-SSD 250GB tambahan RM50
-Batteri tambahan RM30

Info lanjut 

MacBook Pro 13

RM80 / Hari
RM300 / Minggu

i5 2.5GHz, 240 SSD, 4GB DDR3

Info lanjut https://support.apple.com/kb/sp649?locale=en_GB

Aputure Light Storm 300D LED VIdeo Light

RM200 / Hari 1 Unit
RM400 / Hari 2 Unit

1 x LED Video Light
1 x Power Cord
1 x Lamp Cover
1 x Reflector
1 x Stand
1 x Bag
1 x V Mount Plate

Pilhan Tambahan
1 x Light Dome II RM50
2 x Battery V Mount RM100 (Dicas penuh tanpa pengecas)
4 x Battery V Mount + Charger RM200
1 x Fresnel Adapter RM50

-Boasts 48000lux@0.5m w/ the Reflector, 142000lux@0.5m w/ the Aputure Fresnel Mount, Comparable to A 2000W Tungsten Led
-5500K Color Temperature
-CRI95+ TLCI96+ Good Color Reproduction
-Bowens Front Mount, Quiet Fan
-Tough Aero-Aluminum Body
-Portable and Lightweight
-Wireless Remote with 328' Range
-Independent Lighting Controls
-Intelligent Temperature Control
-Dual Power Supply via Power Adapter or V-Mount Battery(Not Included) 

Blackmagic Design Mini Converter UpDownCross HD

RM50 / Hari

-3G/HD/SD-SDI Up/Down/Cross Conversion
-1 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input
-2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI Outputs & 1 x Loopout
-1 x HDMI Input & 1 x HDMI Output
-Support Signals up to 1080p60
-Automatic Input Signal Detection
-Automatic, Multirate Support
-Reference Input & Reclocking
-Control via DIP Switches or Software

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI

 RM40 / Hari
-Converts SDI to HDMI & HDMI to SDI
-Simultaneous Conversions
-1 x Input & 1 x Output SD/HD/3G-SDI
-1 x Input & 1 x Output HDMI
-Converts up to 1080p60
-Automatic Input Signal Detection
-SDI Reclocking
-Micro-USB Power

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder

RM50 / Hari

-Ultra Portable Camera Capture Device
-SDI and HDMI Inputs / Thunderbolt Output
-Transfer Video from Cameras to Computers
-Capture Live Feeds / Playback Feeds
-Supports Signals up to 1080p30/1080i60
-10-Bit Color Precision / 4:2:2 Sampling
-Real Time Colorspace Conversion
-Software Based Down Conversion

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter HDMI to SDI

 RM30 / Hari

-HDMI Input
-2 x SDI Outputs
-Supports SD and HD Signals
-Automatic Input Signal Detection
-Software Control

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter SDI to HDMI

RM30 / Hari

– SD/HD/3G-SDI Input
– HDMI and SDI Loop Outputs
– Supports SD and HD Signals
– Automatic Input Signal Detection
– Software Control

Bon BEM-182 18.5 Broadcast Monitor

 RM150 / Hari

-DC Cable
-Built In Hard Case

-Batteri V-Mount Dicas Penuh RM50
-Charger + 1 x Batteri RM100
-Charger + 2 x Batteri RM130
-Charger + 4 x Batteri RM200

Info lanjut
-18.5″ LED broadcast monitor
-3G SDI Support
-10-bit Signal Processor
-Waveform (SDI Only)
-Vector scope (SDI Only)
-Focus Assistance(SDI Only)
-Exposure Range Check(SDI Only)
-False Color (SDI Only)
-V-CHIP display (SDI Only)
-UMD Mode Display
-Various Markers(EBU, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc)
-H/V Delay(SDI)
-Pixel to Pixel
-R/G/B Only (HDMI)
-R/G/B/Gray Only (SDI)
-Closed Caption (CEA-608/708, SDI Only)
-Time Code Display (ATC_HD-SDI,DVITC_SD-SDI) (SDI Only)
-De-embedded 8~16ch Audio Level Meter(SDI)
-2CH Audio Level Meter(HDMI)
-3 Color TALLY Lamp
-Rack & VESA Mount (Option)
-R,G,B, and White Internal Patterns Display for Color Test (SDI Only)
-Picture in Picture (SDI<->HDMI)

BaoFeng Walkie Talkie BF-888S

RM50 / Sehari / Set

Pakej Termasuk
5 x  Walkie Talkie
5 x Antenna
5 x Batteri
5 x Charger
5 x Earphone

-16 Memory Channels
-50 CTCSS /105 CDCSS
-Battery Saving Features
-Low Voltage Alert
-VOX, Scanning, & Monitor Functions
-English Voice Prompt
-PC Programmable
-Voice Scramble & Encryption
-Emergency Alarm
-High Illumination Flashlight
-Transmitter Time-Out Timer (TOT)