Bon BEM-182 18.5 Broadcast Monitor

 RM100 / Hari

-DC Cable
-Built In Hard Case

-Batteri V-Mount Dicas Penuh RM50
-Charger + 1 x Batteri RM100
-Charger + 2 x Batteri RM130
-Charger + 4 x Batteri RM200

Info lanjut
-18.5″ LED broadcast monitor
-3G SDI Support
-10-bit Signal Processor
-Waveform (SDI Only)
-Vector scope (SDI Only)
-Focus Assistance(SDI Only)
-Exposure Range Check(SDI Only)
-False Color (SDI Only)
-V-CHIP display (SDI Only)
-UMD Mode Display
-Various Markers(EBU, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, etc)
-H/V Delay(SDI)
-Pixel to Pixel
-R/G/B Only (HDMI)
-R/G/B/Gray Only (SDI)
-Closed Caption (CEA-608/708, SDI Only)
-Time Code Display (ATC_HD-SDI,DVITC_SD-SDI) (SDI Only)
-De-embedded 8~16ch Audio Level Meter(SDI)
-2CH Audio Level Meter(HDMI)
-3 Color TALLY Lamp
-Rack & VESA Mount (Option)
-R,G,B, and White Internal Patterns Display for Color Test (SDI Only)
-Picture in Picture (SDI<->HDMI)